What is Parkrun?

Parkruns are free, weekly, timed 5k events. Everyone can join in.

There are more than 530 parkruns, and they take place every Saturday morning at 9:00am in England and Wales, and at 9:30am in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

You can find out about your local parkrun from the parkrun website.

Parkrun is not a race. It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get around. It is ok for you to walk if you don’t want to run the whole way.

If you need someone to help you come to parkrun, they are welcome to join in as well or just watch. You don’t have to go every week.

If you want to have your parkruns recorded, you just need to register online, and you only have to do this once. It is very simple. Once you have registered, you then need to print out your barcode. Your barcode can be used at any parkrun, anywhere in the world.

Each parkrun is organised by a group of volunteers. You are welcome to help out as a volunteer. There are different roles. You will be told what to do and people will help you.

Everyone is welcome at parkrun. It does not matter how fast or slow you walk, jog or run. What matters is being outside, being active and having fun!

Most parkruns have a café near the start or finish. A lot of people have a cup of tea or coffee after the run and talk to the other parkrunners.

What happens when you come to Parkrun?

Each parkrun has its own website, and this tells you everything you need to know, like the best way to get there, how the parking works if you come by car, and where the toilets are. It will also tell you what the course is like.

You can get in touch with the event before you go. You can do this by email, or on social media. All parkruns have Facebook pages, and lots have Twitter accounts. The event team can talk to you about anything you need to know.

If you decide that you want to take part, and you want to have your time recorded, then remember to bring your printed barcode with you. If you don’t have it with you, you can still join in, but your time won’t be recorded.

Before the start, the Run Director will explain what happens to help you understand what to do. If you need extra help ask the Run Director. Marshals will be wearing yellow hi-vis vests. They are there to help out if there is a problem.

If you need someone to walk or run with you, then this is something you need to organise yourself. You can take part with a family member or a friend. It is up to you if you want to run, walk, or a mixture of both. Go at the pace that suits you.

Everybody starts the parkrun together. If you find the crowd at the start can be a bit of a problem, you can start right at the back, or off to one side, if that is better for you.

When you get to the finish, someone records your time and you are given a token which shows the number you finished. Take this token, and your barcode, to a volunteer who will scan them. There will be people there to help you. Don’t worry if you have to wait a few minutes, your time will not change.

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